Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance in Arizona

Umbrella Insurance and How it can Help Arizona

The right insurance coverage is an essential part of living your best life. However, your primary insurance policies may not be enough to fully cover your personal items, private property, or commercial interests. An umbrella insurance policy expands the coverage provided by your primary policies to ensure that you always have enough to replace, rebuild, and restart after a covered event. How can an umbrella insurance policy from Bailey Insurance LTD help you protect your Phoenix, AZ home or Arizona business?

Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance policy pays you for covered damages to your commercial or private vehicles. However, if a significant accident occurs and totals your car, your primary policy might not be enough to repair or replace your current vehicle. In this instance, your umbrella insurance kicks in to provide extra funds to help you pay off existing car loans, fix your vehicle after a catastrophic collision, or get a replacement vehicle.

Homeowner’s Insurance

For many people in Arizona, their residential properties are their primary investment. Make sure you can keep your home healthy and happy with an umbrella policy. Like all policies, your homeowner’s coverage has a limit. When your roof caves in after a massive storm or city pipes explode all over your front lawn, your payout may not be enough to cover repair, labor, and materials. In some situations, you may have to pay out-of-pocket for temporary lodging while the repairs are completed. With an Arizona umbrella insurance policy, you won’t have to worry about having enough cash to keep your primary investment in pristine condition.

Business Coverages

Commercial insurance policies protect your livelihood and personal property from a range of potential threats. Of course, there are times when you could use a little extra help. What happens when a big lawsuit is laid at your business’ front door? Your liability coverage may defray some of the costs, but you’ll still end up paying out-of-pocket for court-ordered judgments and legal fees. Your umbrella policy ensures you can afford anything the legal system throws your way.

Bailey Insurance LTD provides umbrella policies for residents in the Phoenix, AZ area. Contact our representatives for a personalized assessment of your insurance coverage.

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