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Manufactured Home Insurance in Arizona

Making sure your Manufactured Home has the Protection it Needs

Like any home, your Arizona manufactured home needs insurance coverage. However, insurance packages for traditional homes may not provide the proper coverage for these specialized units. A manufactured home insurance policy from Bailey Insurance LTD protects Arizona residence from a range of potential threats to your comfort, safety, and wallet.

Dwelling Coverage

An insurance policy pays for any damage to the physical structure of your home. That includes the walls, floors, foundations, ceiling, and other structural components. While contract details vary, most policies provide coverage for damage caused by fire, wind, theft, and vandalism.

Other structures on your property can be included in your coverage as well. Storage units, workshops, and other structures that aren't attached to the main house can receive similar protection.

Personal Property

Any personal property you have stored in and around your dwelling is included in the coverage. That means your clothing, electronics, artwork, and collectibles can all be recovered after a covered event.

Keep in mind that every insurance policy has a limited payout. If you have high-value items like jewelry or one-of-a-kind collectibles, you may need additional coverages to ensure they can be replaced. Talk to your insurance agent about an umbrella policy to fill in the gaps left behind by your primary policies.

Personal Liability

Medical bills for any bodily damage your visitors sustain while on your property is covered under the liability portion of your policy. This includes damage to another person's property and belongings.

Liability coverage includes payments for legal fees associated with events that happen on your property. Payouts can be issued to help you pay for legal representation or to provide funds for court-ordered damages.

Bailey Insurance LTD carries manufactured home insurance policies for residents in the Phoenix, AZ area and around the state. Contact our representatives for more information on protecting your personal property with comprehensive and personalized insurance policies or visit our office in Phoenix, AZ.