Insurance Policy Bundles in Phoenix, AZ

At Bailey Insurance LTD, we pride ourselves on providing the best coverage for your family at rates you can afford. Insurance policy bundles offer a great value by lowering your premium costs for auto, home, and specialty insurance when you use the same carrier.

Advantages of Bundling Insurance Policies

The discount: Although saving money is a great reason to bundle your insurance policies; it’s not the only benefit to this strategy. We can bundle not only your home and auto policy, but also policies you carry on a mobile home, motorcycle, ATV, or boat, allowing you to maximize your coverage and protect your family without draining your wallet. Depending on the types of policies you need, the savings of a bundled approach range from 10 to 20 percent. Typically, the more policies you bundle, the more money you can save.

The convenience: Having all your insurance policies in one place simplifies the process of paying multiple bills. Instead, you’ll be charged a monthly or quarterly rate for every premium together, or opt to pay premiums in full for additional savings. You can also work with us directly and receive just one quote for all your insurance needs, rather than taking the time to shop around on your own and provide information to several different companies.

The safety net: Some insurance companies drop you after a single claim. When your policies are bundled, you are unlikely to be dropped for one auto accident since you have several separate lines of coverage with that company. This safety net with bundled policies prevents you from having to go through underwriting with a new company, after which you’ll likely be subject to higher premiums.

Advantages of Choosing Bailey Insurance LTD

For an insurance agency with a personal touch, trust in our 30 years of experience serving clients in the Phoenix area. We specialize in consumer insurance and search for the best rates from top companies throughout the nation, providing access to the ideal coverage for any situation. Regardless of your insurance needs, our knowledgeable agents can create a bundled policy that will save you money while keeping your home and other assets safe and sound. Call us today to get started on your personalized quote.

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