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When and Where Do Car Accidents Happen Most Often

While there is no limit or exception when it comes to what time of day car accidents occur, there are some times of the day that are at higher risk. As a driver in Phoenix, AZ, it’s up to you to know when these times are and use extra caution when on the road. At Bailey Insurance LTD, our team is here to help ensure that Phoenix, AZ drivers have the information they need to remain safe while on the road. 

During Morning and Evening Commutes

Some of the most common times of the day that accidents occur are during the morning and evening commutes. This is when traffic is usually at its busiest because people are going to work and school and then returning home  – all at basically the same time. This results in more people on the road, more people eager to get off the road, and a higher likelihood of accidents. As a result, it’s imperative to remain aware of your surroundings and ensure you aren’t the cause of or part of an accident.

During the Night

Another common time that accidents occur is when it is dark outside. When the sun goes down, your visibility is reduced significantly. As a result, the likelihood of an accident is much higher. It’s a good idea to use headlights and proceed with caution when driving at night. The situation can be made even worse if it is raining or there are other poor weather conditions. Understanding when it is dangerous to be on the road can help you avoid becoming an accident victim.

To learn more about how to avoid an accident and get covered with a comprehensive auto insurance policy, contact the reputable team at Bailey Insurance LTD today.