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Why do people need home insurance in Phoenix?

Your home in the Phoenix, AZ area is a very important asset that you will want to enjoy for a long time. Due to the value of a home, ensuring that you have proper insurance protection at all times is a practical necessity. One of the best ways to protect your home is by getting a proper home insurance plan. You will need this coverage here for a few reasons. 

Coverage Protects Asset

A reason you will need coverage for your property is that it will protect your home. There is always a chance your home could be damaged in a fire, by vandalism, or due to bad weather. Due to this, you need to make sure you have the insurance in place to be prepared. With a home insurance plan, you will have the coverage necessary to protect this valuable asset and ensure you can make necessary repairs.

Coverage is Required

You will also find a home insurance plan is a requirement to maintain. Most property owners in Phoenix are going to finance their home purchases with a mortgage. If this occurs, you will need to carry insurance to comply with your mortgage lender’s standards. If you do not carry this coverage at all times, you could be in violation of your agreements. 

If you are a property owner in Phoenix, AZ, you are clearly going to need to have a home insurance plan. Those that are looking for coverage in this market will find there are a lot of choices that come with picking a plan. When you are in the process of choosing coverage, calling Bailey Insurance LTD is helpful. Bailey Insurance LTD has continued to help people in this area understand their options and choose plans that are right for their situation. 

Things home insurance won’t cover

Your home is your safe place and keeping it a safe place requires the right home insurance policy. No insurance policy covers everything and home insurance is no exception. If you were expecting your home insurance to cover anything that could go wrong, you will be disappointed. It won’t but being forewarned is forearmed. If you know what isn’t covered you can take appropriate action to make sure you are not left out in the cold if something goes wrong. At Bailey Insurance LTD in Phoenix, AZ, we are a locally owned independent agency that represents the best carriers in the business. 

Owner neglect

The insurance company has an expectation that you are going to maintain your home. You should replace your roof before it leaks all over your interior, and you should do repairs so that no one gets injured. If you get termite damage your home insurance won’t pay for the damage, you should be getting pest control treatments to make sure you don’t get infested. 


Flooding is probably the biggest surprise to most people, but it isn’t covered unless it is from a burst pipe inside your home. Floods cause untold damage all over the country every year and even as little as an inch of water can cause more than $20,000 in damage. While your home insurance won’t pay for flood damage you do have the option to get a separate flood insurance policy. If you live in a flood-prone area, your mortgage holder may require you to have flood insurance. 

Land movement

Earthquakes, mudslides, and sinkholes are all considered to be land movement. Land movement is excluded from most home insurance policies. As in the case of flooding, you can purchase a separate policy if you live in an area where you are at risk. 

Contact Bailey Insurance LTD in Phoenix, AZ when you have any home insurance needs or questions. 

Ways Phoenix AZ Residents Can Improve Safety At Home

Ways Phoenix, AZ Residents Can Improve Safety At Home

Nothing feels more important than making sure your home is safe to protect your loved ones. With an average property crime rate of 33.3%, Phoenix, AZ residents need to take steps to safeguard their homes. Fortunately, there are very many things you can do to improve home safety. From quick and easy modifications to complex home security systems, here are a few smart ways to protect your family from severe burns, falls, fire, or other injuries.

Secure your doors

Burglars tend to watch your door for entry and exit before trying other means to enter your home. It would be a prudent idea if you had your locks reinforced and make it a personal commitment to lock the door before retiring to bed. Make sure the hinges are protected and the frames are strong.

Eliminate trip hazards

If you have young children in the house, you should know better how fast accidents happen at home. Children can easily trip, fall, and get injured over slippery floors or when running too fast. To avoid such mishaps, Bailey Insurance LTD recommends installing non-slip surfaces, solid handrails, safety gates, and adequate lighting.

Set up a security system

Your Phoenix, AZ home should have more than one form of security. It can be a simple DIY system or a smart security system with home automation and professional monitoring. The market today provides a wide range of security options based on your budget and needs. Therefore, choose a system that serves your needs.

Clear bushes and any hiding places

Giant trees, trunks, shrubs, and other plantations can be appealing for burglars to hide. Avoid ignoring large plants in your compound, add more lights, and trim trees and plants closer to your home that could be used for cover.

Don’t forget to buy adequate coverages in your home insurance policy. At Bailey Insurance LTD, we have everything you need to ensure that you and your family are safe. Be sure to drop by for a quote.

Does Home Insurance Cover Lawn Equipment Stored In A Garage?

If you own a home or are considering making a home purchase soon, you likely know the importance of having reliable home insurance protection. Home insurance not only protects the structure itself, but also protects contents and other structures connected to the home, or even separate buildings on the same property.

Cover Your Belongings

Your garage is probably going to have several items inside that can be worth a significant amount. For example, lawn equipment such as mowers, edgers, and weed eaters can be quite an investment and is necessary to maintain the home and property adequately. If there is an incident such as damage or theft, most home insurance policies will cover contents inside of the garage, including the lawn equipment. Be sure to keep detailed records and receipts for these purchases, which can include photographs to help expedite the claims process.

Work With an Agent

When you start shopping for a home insurance policy, one of the first points to consider is which agency you want to work with to obtain coverage. This is very important because a top insurance agency with have licensed and skilled agents who can guide you through the process to help you get the right type of coverage, so you don’t have gaps and issues if there is a claim. Anyone who lives near the Phoenix, AZ area can rely on Bailey Insurance LTD to help them with this process and even after the policy is purchased. 

Complete protection from home insurance can help a homeowner feel more secure about their investment year-round. Residents of Phoenix, AZ should call or stop by Bailey Insurance LTD today to find out more about the available coverage options. 

3 Benefits of Having a Do-it-yourself Home Security System

Home security systems are designed to protect your home in many different ways. You can choose between a professional system that is installed and monitored by the company, or you can choose a do-it-yourself system that is easy to install. You can control and monitor your system with a downloadable app making it easy to use and extremely convenient. In Phoenix, AZ, the agents at Bailey Insurance LTD are able to answer questions you may have about home security systems and how they can reduce your risk of loss.

No Long-Term Contracts

Do-it-yourself systems are purchased outright and can be monitored by you through an app for your phone. Because you are doing all the work and the system is already paid for, there are no long-term contracts or financing options to worry about.

You Are in Charge

You are in complete control of your system at all times. You can turn it on and off as you like. You can monitor your home at any time by accessing the app. Since you are in control of your system, it is up to you to notify the authorities if an emergency occurs.

Relocation Is Easy

Unlike a professionally installed system that requires a professional technician, you can relocate your system any time you want without worrying about whether you are still in the company’s service area. Do-it-yourself systems are designed to be easy to install or relocate.

At Bailey Insurance LTD, residents who live in or near Phoenix, AZ can get the information they need to choose the right home security system that meets their needs. Schedule a consultation today to have your questions answered and to get a quote! 


Why do I need home insurance in Arizona

Owning a home in Arizona is something that many people dream of doing. That dream can become a nightmare if your home is damaged by one of the many things that can happen and you are not adequately covered by home insurance. At Bailey Insurance LTD, we are independent insurance agents who represent only insurance companies that offer the kinds of home insurance we would want to carry ourselves. Whether you are a new homeowner or looking to replace or update your current policy, we are here to help you. 

One of the main reasons people acquire home insurance is that your mortgage holder will require that you cover your home at least to the value of your mortgage. If you limit yourself to that coverage, you will lose the money that you invested in your home yourself with the down payment and any improvements that have increased its value. 

Your lender cares about the physical building that is your house, they don’t care about all the things inside that make it a home. These are your personal possession and you need to protect them with your insurance policy. If they are lost or damaged, you need to have enough coverage to be able to replace them. With replacement cost, you will be able to buy the same or a similar item to what you lost. 

If you have visitors at your home, you run the risk of them being injured and holding you responsible. This could lead to a legal suit against you, but liability coverage can help to give you the protection you need. 

Owning a home is amazing, but it comes with plenty of things that can keep you up at night with worry. At Bailey Insurance LTD, our job is to make sure that you can sleep like a baby knowing that your home is covered against all these perils. Give us a call or stop by our office and discuss your needs with our knowledgeable team. 

How to create a home inventory

Your home is your castle and if anything were to happen to that castle, you would want to replace all the personal items you have been accumulating for years. An inventory is the best way for you to remember all the things you actually own. If you live in or near Phoenix, AZ Bailey Insurance LTD can help you to understand exactly how important a good inventory is to your peace of mind. 

To create a home inventory you need to go through your house one room at a time and write down everything in that room. If you have electronics be sure to note the exact model and serial number. Write as detailed a description as you possibly can and if you have the sales slip for any items put them together with the inventory. For any of your expensive jewelry, it is imperative that you have an appraisal.  

It can be really helpful if you photograph or videotape each of your rooms and be sure to highlight your most expensive items.  Don’t forget things that may be stored in the attic, basement or closets. Imagine having to replace all your Christmas ornaments. Make a listing of all your books and don’t forget the cookbooks. 

Once you have gotten all the information together it needs to be stored in a safe place. If you have a heat and water-resistant box that is a good option or even better is a safety deposit box where it can be easily accessed if the unthinkable happens. 

Creating your home inventory is a big job, it can take quite a while to do it well. If you live in or near Phoenix, AZ, Bailey Insurance LTD is there to help you protect your home. Stop by our office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote. 

3 Uncommon Facts About Home Insurance

With so many kinds of home insurance policies, you could make the argument that practically every fact about home insurance is uncommon. The number of misconceptions and assumptions out there are enough to confuse anyone. But the more you know, the less likely you are to face an unpleasant surprise. Bailey Insurance LTD is here to give you a few extra notes for the homeowners of Phoenix, AZ. 

Home Insurance Is a Two-Way Street 

Your home insurance can’t cover your things unless they know what your things are. When you keep detailed records, you have the proof you need if something happens to your possessions. So the new iPhone you purchased last month should be recorded, so you have something to show your carrier in the event it’s lost, damaged, or stolen. 

You May Need to Contact Your Carrier During Major Events 

The limits for your home are set when you purchase it, but the value of your home is not a static number. If you decide to remodel your bathroom and those repairs push you over your limits, they might be exempt from coverage if you don’t update your carrier first. Much like keeping an inventory of what you own, this is a way of keeping an insurance company in the loop. The more they see your efforts to keep accurate information, the easier they can process a claim. 

Your Partner Matters 

If you live in Phoenix, AZ, it’s exceptionally important to choose the right partner for home insurance. Bailey Insurance LTD is here to help when you have questions or if you need to file a claim. If you’re looking for new coverage or you’re thinking of changing your carrier, contact us today to find out more about our policies.