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Why do people need home insurance in Phoenix?

Your home in the Phoenix, AZ area is a very important asset that you will want to enjoy for a long time. Due to the value of a home, ensuring that you have proper insurance protection at all times is a practical necessity. One of the best ways to protect your home is by getting a proper home insurance plan. You will need this coverage here for a few reasons. 

Coverage Protects Asset

A reason you will need coverage for your property is that it will protect your home. There is always a chance your home could be damaged in a fire, by vandalism, or due to bad weather. Due to this, you need to make sure you have the insurance in place to be prepared. With a home insurance plan, you will have the coverage necessary to protect this valuable asset and ensure you can make necessary repairs.

Coverage is Required

You will also find a home insurance plan is a requirement to maintain. Most property owners in Phoenix are going to finance their home purchases with a mortgage. If this occurs, you will need to carry insurance to comply with your mortgage lender’s standards. If you do not carry this coverage at all times, you could be in violation of your agreements. 

If you are a property owner in Phoenix, AZ, you are clearly going to need to have a home insurance plan. Those that are looking for coverage in this market will find there are a lot of choices that come with picking a plan. When you are in the process of choosing coverage, calling Bailey Insurance LTD is helpful. Bailey Insurance LTD has continued to help people in this area understand their options and choose plans that are right for their situation. 

3 Risks of Driving Without Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is pivotal – yet you will encounter motorists in Phoenix, AZ without car insurance. But is it worth it? Driving without insurance can slump you into lifetime debts! If you have been thinking about driving without car insurance from Bailey Insurance LTD, here are the consequences. 

Fines and penalties

Like most states, auto insurance is mandatory in Arizona. If you are found driving without valid auto insurance, this could land you on the wrong side of the law. For first-time violators, you could get a license suspension and a fine of up to $500. Besides, your registration and license plates risk suspension, too.

Of course, these penalties become stiffer for repeat offenders. For instance, if you are a third-time violator, you could get a fine of up to $1,000 and a license suspension of up to one year! Why would you go through this agony yet you can get affordable coverage from Bailey Insurance LTD?

Uncovered asset losses

With so many risks on the road –drunk, teenage, distracted, and speeding drivers – it would be unthinkable to drive without car insurance. Without insurance, you have to pay for repairs of your vehicle when accidents occur. And if it’s a severe accident, your car could be totaled! As a result, if you ever want to drive again, you will have to buy a replacement vehicle from scratch.

Uncovered liability costs

Without car insurance, you will have to cover third-party costs from your pocket when you are at fault for the accident. And since these costs can be extremely prohibitive, they could wipe away your savings. And as if that isn’t enough, you can slide into debts as you try to cover the liability claims.

Buy car insurance today!

Having seen the dangers of driving without car insurance, now it’s time to purchase coverage from Bailey Insurance LTD. Contact us today, and we will protect you with an affordable car insurance plan.