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Ways Phoenix AZ Residents Can Improve Safety At Home

Ways Phoenix, AZ Residents Can Improve Safety At Home

Nothing feels more important than making sure your home is safe to protect your loved ones. With an average property crime rate of 33.3%, Phoenix, AZ residents need to take steps to safeguard their homes. Fortunately, there are very many things you can do to improve home safety. From quick and easy modifications to complex home security systems, here are a few smart ways to protect your family from severe burns, falls, fire, or other injuries.

Secure your doors

Burglars tend to watch your door for entry and exit before trying other means to enter your home. It would be a prudent idea if you had your locks reinforced and make it a personal commitment to lock the door before retiring to bed. Make sure the hinges are protected and the frames are strong.

Eliminate trip hazards

If you have young children in the house, you should know better how fast accidents happen at home. Children can easily trip, fall, and get injured over slippery floors or when running too fast. To avoid such mishaps, Bailey Insurance LTD recommends installing non-slip surfaces, solid handrails, safety gates, and adequate lighting.

Set up a security system

Your Phoenix, AZ home should have more than one form of security. It can be a simple DIY system or a smart security system with home automation and professional monitoring. The market today provides a wide range of security options based on your budget and needs. Therefore, choose a system that serves your needs.

Clear bushes and any hiding places

Giant trees, trunks, shrubs, and other plantations can be appealing for burglars to hide. Avoid ignoring large plants in your compound, add more lights, and trim trees and plants closer to your home that could be used for cover.

Don’t forget to buy adequate coverages in your home insurance policy. At Bailey Insurance LTD, we have everything you need to ensure that you and your family are safe. Be sure to drop by for a quote.