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Do I need to carry collision and comprehensive coverage?

Driving in Phoenix AZ can be challenging. When you are on the road it is important that you are confident that you have all the auto insurance coverage that you need. What that coverage looks like will depend a lot on your particular situation and the age and value of your vehicle. Sitting down with an experienced agent is important for your peace of mind and at Bailey Insurance LTD  we have that experience and since we are independent agents we offer products from the best companies available. 

In Arizona, the only auto insurance that you need to carry is a liability. You are mandated to have a minimum of $15,000 bodily injury per person with a max of $30,000 per accident and $10,000 in property damage. This protects others from you, but what about your vehicle? In order to be protected in an accident where you are at fault, you must have collision coverage. 

Comprehensive coverage is for damage to your vehicle that is beyond your control. This includes things like hail and wind, fire, flooding, flying stones and large animals like deer. It also covers you from theft and vandalism. 

When deciding whether you need these coverages, ask yourself, "Could I live without my vehicle? Can I pay to repair or replace my vehicle on my own?" If the answer is no to one or both of these questions, you need collision and comprehensive coverage. 

When it comes to deciding what types of coverage best meet your needs, it is important that you have an insurance agent who you can trust to have your best interests at heart. At Bailey Insurance LTD in Phoenix, AZ, our clients become our friends, and we will make sure that you have the auto insurance that you need. You can use our rating tool online or call our office to make an appointment to talk to a member of our team.