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Why do I need home insurance in Arizona

Owning a home in Arizona is something that many people dream of doing. That dream can become a nightmare if your home is damaged by one of the many things that can happen and you are not adequately covered by home insurance. At Bailey Insurance LTD, we are independent insurance agents who represent only insurance companies that offer the kinds of home insurance we would want to carry ourselves. Whether you are a new homeowner or looking to replace or update your current policy, we are here to help you. 

One of the main reasons people acquire home insurance is that your mortgage holder will require that you cover your home at least to the value of your mortgage. If you limit yourself to that coverage, you will lose the money that you invested in your home yourself with the down payment and any improvements that have increased its value. 

Your lender cares about the physical building that is your house, they don’t care about all the things inside that make it a home. These are your personal possession and you need to protect them with your insurance policy. If they are lost or damaged, you need to have enough coverage to be able to replace them. With replacement cost, you will be able to buy the same or a similar item to what you lost. 

If you have visitors at your home, you run the risk of them being injured and holding you responsible. This could lead to a legal suit against you, but liability coverage can help to give you the protection you need. 

Owning a home is amazing, but it comes with plenty of things that can keep you up at night with worry. At Bailey Insurance LTD, our job is to make sure that you can sleep like a baby knowing that your home is covered against all these perils. Give us a call or stop by our office and discuss your needs with our knowledgeable team. 

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Operating a motorcycle in Phoenix, AZ is different than driving a car. It’s important to understand motorcycle safety tips to make sure your ride is safe. Below are a few tips from Bailey Insurance LTD:

  • Always Wear a Helmet and the Appropriate Gear: Wearing a helmet is the easiest way to protect against any head injuries. You also want to wear protective clothing and gear that can minimize the injuries caused by a skid or accident. Consider reflective tape for clothing to make it easier for drivers to see you.
  • Follow the Traffic Rules: Obey the speed limit and remember the faster you go, the longer it takes for you to stop.
  • Ride Defensively: Drivers may not see you, and about two-thirds of bike accidents are caused by a driver infringing on the rider’s right of way. Ride with your headlights on, stay out of blind spots, and signal in advance.
  • Keep Your Riding Skills Honed: Complete formal riding education programs and take riding courses to develop techniques that can sharpen street riding strategies. Check with your agent at Bailey Insurance LTD to see if you are able to get a discount by taking these types of classes.
  • Ride Sober and Awake: Don’t drink and drive, which not only causes harm to yourself in Phoenix, AZ but also others. Drowsiness and fatigue can also impair the ability to react, so make sure you are well-rested.
  • Prepare to Ride: Make sure that your motorcycle is fit for the road. If something goes wrong with your bike, it’s in your best interest to figure it out before getting on the road. Check the tires, under the motorcycle, turn signals, and taillights to make sure everything is in working order.
  • Watch for Road Hazards: Since a motorcycle has more contact with the pavement than a car, it’s important to look out for sand, pebbles, or wet leaves that can cause you to slide unexpectedly.

Contact Bailey Insurance LTD to get a quote on motorcycle insurance. 

Can Lifestyle Changes Alter Your Auto Insurance Coverage?

Lifestyle changes like retirement, marriage, divorce, homeownership, and others can alter your auto insurance coverage. If you’re adding members to your household via marriage, you may need to expand your auto coverage to get better protection for new drivers. Buying a home could help reduce auto insurance costs by bundling home and auto policies. Your Bailey Insurance LTD agent in Phoenix, AZ can help adjust your auto insurance policy to ensure you have adequate protection at every stage of your life. Here are a few ways lifestyle changes can affect your coverage.

  • Marriage – Marriage adds at least one (sometimes more) new member to your household. If your new spouse is driving your car, you may want to expand your insurance coverage to meet his or her driving needs. If your new spouse has his or her own car, you may want to combine your policies to save on insurance costs. 
  • Divorce – If you’re getting divorced, taking your spouse off of your auto policy could save you money, especially if your spouse has a poor driving record.
  • Home Ownership – Buying a home could save you money on auto insurance costs if you bundle your home and auto insurance together. There’s greater convenience in keeping track of your coverage when you bundle policies. You may even get exclusive perks from your insurer for bundling your coverage.    
  • Retirement – If you drive less after retiring, you may want to adjust your coverage to save on insurance costs. On the other hand, if you plan to travel more now that you’re retired, you may need to upgrade your coverage to ensure you’re fully protected on the road.

For customized auto insurance to suit your personal needs, contact Bailey Insurance LTD in Phoenix, AZ. 

How to create a home inventory

Your home is your castle and if anything were to happen to that castle, you would want to replace all the personal items you have been accumulating for years. An inventory is the best way for you to remember all the things you actually own. If you live in or near Phoenix, AZ Bailey Insurance LTD can help you to understand exactly how important a good inventory is to your peace of mind. 

To create a home inventory you need to go through your house one room at a time and write down everything in that room. If you have electronics be sure to note the exact model and serial number. Write as detailed a description as you possibly can and if you have the sales slip for any items put them together with the inventory. For any of your expensive jewelry, it is imperative that you have an appraisal.  

It can be really helpful if you photograph or videotape each of your rooms and be sure to highlight your most expensive items.  Don’t forget things that may be stored in the attic, basement or closets. Imagine having to replace all your Christmas ornaments. Make a listing of all your books and don’t forget the cookbooks. 

Once you have gotten all the information together it needs to be stored in a safe place. If you have a heat and water-resistant box that is a good option or even better is a safety deposit box where it can be easily accessed if the unthinkable happens. 

Creating your home inventory is a big job, it can take quite a while to do it well. If you live in or near Phoenix, AZ, Bailey Insurance LTD is there to help you protect your home. Stop by our office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote. 

Can Roommates Share a Renters Insurance Policy?

If you are renting a home, condo or apartment, it is important that you purchase a renters insurance policy. Many people assume a homeowners insurance policy will protect their belongings in the event of fire, flood or theft, but homeowners policies do not cover renters. This is why it is so important to have your own policy. One of the questions that we at Bailey Insurance LTD, serving the greater Phoenix, AZ area, are asked is whether roommates can share a renters insurance policy. 

Can Roommates Share a Renters Insurance Policy? 

Roommates can share a renters insurance policy. However, most insurance companies require the roommates who are sharing policy to all be listed on the lease. This means that if you have someone crashing on your couch and not listed on the lease, they will likely not be covered by your insurance policy. If you have roommates who are not listed on the lease but want to be on the renter’s insurance policy, you may need to draw up a sublease with the individual. 

Can You Pick and Choose Who is Covered By the Policy? 

Many insurance companies require each person listed on the renter’s insurance policy to be listed as an included party, and those not covered to be listed as an excluded party. Most included and excluded parties must sign a form so that they understand that they are included or excluded. This is important, as you may have a roommate who wishes to carry their own renter’s insurance policy, or who doesn’t want any coverage at all. This gives every party in your rental home the ability to decide which type of insurance is best for them. 

Are you looking to purchase a renters insurance policy in the greater Phoenix, AZ area? Contact Bailey Insurance LTD to get started or to obtain a free price quote. 

When and Where Do Car Accidents Happen Most Often

While there is no limit or exception when it comes to what time of day car accidents occur, there are some times of the day that are at higher risk. As a driver in Phoenix, AZ, it’s up to you to know when these times are and use extra caution when on the road. At Bailey Insurance LTD, our team is here to help ensure that Phoenix, AZ drivers have the information they need to remain safe while on the road. 

During Morning and Evening Commutes

Some of the most common times of the day that accidents occur are during the morning and evening commutes. This is when traffic is usually at its busiest because people are going to work and school and then returning home  – all at basically the same time. This results in more people on the road, more people eager to get off the road, and a higher likelihood of accidents. As a result, it’s imperative to remain aware of your surroundings and ensure you aren’t the cause of or part of an accident.

During the Night

Another common time that accidents occur is when it is dark outside. When the sun goes down, your visibility is reduced significantly. As a result, the likelihood of an accident is much higher. It’s a good idea to use headlights and proceed with caution when driving at night. The situation can be made even worse if it is raining or there are other poor weather conditions. Understanding when it is dangerous to be on the road can help you avoid becoming an accident victim.

To learn more about how to avoid an accident and get covered with a comprehensive auto insurance policy, contact the reputable team at Bailey Insurance LTD today. 


Why should I get motorcycle insurance?

Living in the Phoenix, AZ area is a great option for anyone that loves to get a lot of sun. For those that are in the area, it can also be a great environment to own a motorcycle. If you have a motorcycle in the area, you need to make sure that it is properly covered by a quality insurance policy. There are a variety of reasons why you should get a motorcycle insurance policy. 

Ensures Legal Compliance

When you operate a motorcycle in the state of Arizona, you will be required to carry bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. If you are caught driving a motorcycle without this insurance, you could be in a lot of trouble. This can include potentially losing your right to own and ride a motorcycle while also facing stiff penalties. Additionally, you will be liable if you caused any damage in an accident.

Protects Your Asset

Another important reason to get insurance on your motorcycle is that it will help to protect your investment and asset. When you get a full motorcycle insurance policy, you will receive coverage for a wide variety of situations. The collision and comprehensive motorcycle insurance option will cover you if your motorcycle is damaged in an accident, stolen, vandalized, or even if you hit an animal and incur damage to your asset. 

Once you are ready to start looking for insurance for your motorcycle, you should reach out to Bailey Insurance LTD. This insurance company is a great option and resource for anyone in the Phoenix, AZ area. When you speak with the team at Bailey Insurance LTD, you will quickly find that they know all about motorcycle insurance and can help you get a policy that is right for your situation. 

3 Uncommon Facts About Home Insurance

With so many kinds of home insurance policies, you could make the argument that practically every fact about home insurance is uncommon. The number of misconceptions and assumptions out there are enough to confuse anyone. But the more you know, the less likely you are to face an unpleasant surprise. Bailey Insurance LTD is here to give you a few extra notes for the homeowners of Phoenix, AZ. 

Home Insurance Is a Two-Way Street 

Your home insurance can’t cover your things unless they know what your things are. When you keep detailed records, you have the proof you need if something happens to your possessions. So the new iPhone you purchased last month should be recorded, so you have something to show your carrier in the event it’s lost, damaged, or stolen. 

You May Need to Contact Your Carrier During Major Events 

The limits for your home are set when you purchase it, but the value of your home is not a static number. If you decide to remodel your bathroom and those repairs push you over your limits, they might be exempt from coverage if you don’t update your carrier first. Much like keeping an inventory of what you own, this is a way of keeping an insurance company in the loop. The more they see your efforts to keep accurate information, the easier they can process a claim. 

Your Partner Matters 

If you live in Phoenix, AZ, it’s exceptionally important to choose the right partner for home insurance. Bailey Insurance LTD is here to help when you have questions or if you need to file a claim. If you’re looking for new coverage or you’re thinking of changing your carrier, contact us today to find out more about our policies.